17-10-2018 9:00 am -3:00 pm

Stewards Academy, Parnall Rd, Harlow CM18 7NQ, UK

Theart and photography students from year 11 will have the opportunity to photograph and drawfrom primary sources which will be used in their coursework portfolios, whichis worth 60% of their final grade. The coursework also involves a trip toenrich learning and this will cover that, as students will be able toexperience natural forms (their project title) first hand. One of the key aimsis to engage pupils and encourage a higher take-up for KS5 Art from pupils.

18-10-2018 9:00 am -11:00 am

The Appleton School, Croft Rd, South Benfleet, Benfleet SS7 5RN, UK

Year 11 studentsat Appleton school will attend a raising aspirations workshop called Lighthousefrom Made for Education.

18-10-2018 11:30 am -2:30 pm

University of East London, University Way, London E16 2RD, UK

Level 3, Year 2 students from USP College Palmer's College will visit the University of East London campus to learn about personal statement writing and what student life at UEL is all about.

19-10-2018 9:00 am -12:30 pm

The Deanes School, Daws Heath Rd, Benfleet SS7 2TD, UK

Studentsat the Deanes school will be attending a careers fair with employers,multiple HEIs and FE providers.

20-10-2018 - 26-08-2018


Students from Passmores Academy to go with Little Edi Charity to Moldova to educate them about real poverty. To help put their lives into context, show them there is real poverty and what they can do to help.

Little Edi are working with Passmores to identify young people who want and deserv e achance to change their lives, or who have a history of volunteer work but cannot afford a paid gap experience as they look to a career in maybe Charity, Nursing, Teaching or Social Care.

22-10-2018 - 26-10-2018

Wales and the Lake District.

Residential trip to Outward Bound in Wales and the Lake district to raise aspirations of yr 10 students thinking about future pathways to HE.

25-10-2018 9:00 am - 03-11-2018 5:00 pm

Students from Hassenbrook Academy are going on a space camp trip to find out all about careers in space and science and raising aspirations

29-10-2018 8:30 am -9:00 am

Colchester Academy, Hawthorn Ave, Colchester CO4 3JL, UK

Year 11's at Colchester Academy will experience a motivational assembly by Fix Up to help them get ready for their day.

30-10-2018 9:00 am -10:30 am

Debden Park High School, Willingale Rd, Loughton IG10 2BQ, UK

The sixth form will enjoy a session covering: Techniquesfor self motivatin
Therole of belief and self-efficacy in performanc
Developing a growth mindset

30-10-2018 9:30 am -3:15 pm

Passmores Academy, Tracyes Rd, Harlow CM18 6JH, UK

Alister McGregor, Inner Armour Positive Psychology​ will lead IAG sessions for years 9,10 and 11. StudentLeaders Days this year to develop the leadership, organisation andtime-management skills of our Years 9-11 students and to develop their confidenceand self-esteem through psychological coaching and workshops. It also aims toraise the profile of our student leaders and to encourage them to support otherstudents through their roles and ongoing peer mentoring.