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GCSE Revision Tips and Year 9 Challenges 

Our GCSE Revision Tips Challenge and our Year 9 Challenge have now closed.

Take a look at this news story to see a GCSE Revision Tips winner!

Also, you can still take a look at the Year 9 challenges via the links below, and maybe you can get inspired by some ideas about career paths. Could you see yourself as an architect? A public relations professional? Or an outside broadcast engineer?

Take a look at this entry from George Blandford, who entered the ‘Create your dream university’ challenge. George is a year 9 student from The King John School and has created ‘The University of the People, whose motto “Cum patient, vent in cognition mundi” means “With patience, comes the knowledge of the world” and read the news story.

The challenges and their future career ideas 

  1. Designing a dream building: future career inspiration 
  2. Interviewing someone: future career inspiration
  3. Writing about your experience: future career inspiration
  4. Photography: future career inspiration



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Basic guides

Take time to read our basic guides, which contain clear facts and figures about preparing for university life or taking a degree apprenticeship.