Event to help parents motivate their teenagers gets great feedback

The past year has presented exceptional challenges for many of us, and that includes the need for students to keep home learning and maintain their enthusiasm for schoolwork.

To help support students, and their families, our online Lockdown Learning Festival, which ran from 1 to 5 February, offered a programme of more than 30 events throughout the week, plus many more video-on-demand sessions.

One event on 2 February at 6pm attracted more than 100 attendees, and was tailored to parents and carers.

Called ‘Motivate your Teenager!’ it was hosted by educational motivator Mr Beezy and Make Happen’s collaborative education outreach officers. The event was aimed at helping parents and carers support their teenagers’ motivation and help support any decisions they would be making about their options after year 13 or college.

Some 86% of respondents who attended said they ‘strongly agreed or agreed’ that the webinar was helpful, with 86% of respondents also agreeing or strongly agreeing that after the webinar they feel more confident in supporting their child with their motivation to study.

In addition, when asked how confident parents felt after the webinar in supporting their teen with options after year 13 or college, some 74% said they ‘agreed or strongly agreed’.

The event also served to broaden parents’ understanding of higher education, with a focus on university life and higher or degree apprenticeships.

Additional comments included: “I haven’t looked into higher education; it was very interesting and eye opening! Loved the motivation section, brilliant tips which I will put into action straight away…” Another commented: “Very practical and new for me. Thank you,” and “I enjoyed attending. Looking forward to chatting with my youngsters about their dreams and aspirations.”

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"“I enjoyed attending. Looking forward to chatting with my youngsters about their dreams and aspirations.”"