FREE peer support for adult learners

Do you want support as you navigate your next steps?


Brightside, in partnership with Make Happen, are offering adult learners an exciting and free opportunity to support and ease transition to higher education.

This online peer mentoring programme, offered to a limited number of students, will provide critical support that fits around your lifestyle.

Who is it for?

This opportunity is for adult learners who are currently studying an Access to HE course or those about to begin their Access to HE course.

What’s it about?

Through Brightside’s app, you’ll be connected with a like-minded mentor, with a similar background and educational experience to you. The app can be accessed by a browser on your phone, tablet or laptop. You’ll connect with your mentor via direct messaging at a time that suits you, so you can ask questions and chat whenever you are free.

What is involved?

The programme will start week beginning 24 April 2023 and will run until mid June 2023. During this time, you can message your mentor as often as you like to help support you to prepare for studying at HE.

Usually, people send at least 3 messages but you are welcome to have longer and more frequent conversations with your mentor. The more you engage, the more you will get out of the experience.

Your mentor will suggest topics of conversation and you’ll have access to additional resources to ensure you receive well-rounded support as you progress into higher education.

Topics could include:

  • Making choices and dealing with important problems
  • Support with resilience
  • Coping with and managing change
  • Preparing for results day
  • Understanding University-level study and support networks
  • Identifying financial support available
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome


Why take part?

Your mentor will be able to support you with key questions, stresses and challenges that you may face as an Adult Learner, which could be significant in boosting your confidence and skills to progress in the next part of your journey.

“My mentor had followed almost the exact same path as me so to be able to talk to him was really reassuring, particularly as I didn’t know anyone else who had been in the same position as me”.  Sophie, 2020. Find out more about her experience with a Brightside mentor here.


What are the next steps?

To sign up, please complete our registration form by Friday 21 April 2023.

If you have any questions or require more information, please email