Teacher’s resource: ‘Eyes on the Prize’ programme for year 8 and 9 students to explore their journey to university

Anglia Ruskin University is encouraging school students in Years 8 and 9 to discover more about how you can go from where you are today towards your future at university, a degree apprenticeship, and your career – with this new teacher’s resource.


The Eyes on the Prize programme involves students following this booklet and watching the videos listed below, to help them understand more about their GCSE choices, career ideas, and what qualifications they will need for their future prospects.

By taking part in you will help your students:

  • Understand how GCSE options and the grades they achieve will have an impact on their future
  • Find out more about future opportunities for study and employment
  • Take a virtual tour of Anglia Ruskin University’s campus

The programme team is also asking that you please encourage your students to complete this online feedback survey when they have completed the event.

Eyes on the Prize video resources 

Part 1 – Welcome, Virtual Campus Tour and Student Life

Part 2 – Sixth Form College Colchester

Part 3 – Anglia Ruskin University

Part 4 – Essex County Council and Degree Apprenticeships


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