From vets to jets: watch our Workplace Insights series running 25 to 29 October 2021

We’ve recorded some great 30-minute conversations on Zoom with people from all walks of life, doing some very different jobs. From a vet to a solicitor, and a journalist to a computer programmer.

You can sign up to watch them and find out more about what they do, and how they got there (and it’s not always as straightforward as you might think!)

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Monday 25 October

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Tuesday 26 October

Workplace Insight: Experimental Physicist
A bumper episode where Jordan and Anna talk to Andrew, an experimental physicist based at Royal Holloway University. This episode features live experiments as well as the usual career based stories and tips! Sign up here.

Workplace Insight: RAF Aircraft Technician

Grant, an aircraft technician with the RAF. Grant shares with us his stories and experiences with the RAF – that have taken him all over the world. As well as this, Grant tells us the type of person a career in the RAF would suit, so find out if it’s right for you in this episode of Workplace Insights. Sign up here.


Workplace Insight: Sports Content Creator
Rob, a sports content creator, working in sports media. Rob has experienced many roles in the industry and interviewed some well-known stars like England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and France captain Hugo Lloris. Rob has really had to persevere in his career and now he is seeing the success. Be sure to check out his story. Sign up here.


Workplace Insight: Design Manager
Ever wondered what the difference is between an architect and a design manager? Graeme is here to tell you. Also, he shares his experience of what it was like studying part-time for a degree whilst simultaneously working for an architectural firm, suggests things to consider when designing brand new neighbourhoods, and explains why he still prefers drawing with a good old-fashioned pencil and paper, rather than using digital tools. Sign up here.


Workplace Insight: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
In this episode, SEO professional Sarah tells us all about her career, including what Search Engine Optimisation is, how it helps companies build and market their website, and how the future of the Internet will influence the future of SEO jobs. Sign up here.


Wednesday 27 October

Workplace Insight: Vet
Anna talks to the two professionals who run the South Essex Wildlife Hospital. They talk us through how their love for animals which has brought them to where they are today as well as the most challenging parts of their roles. Don’t miss the surprise appearance at the end of this episode! Sign up here.

Workplace Insight: Primary School Teacher

Kate, a primary school teacher, and finds out about her journey through education to her current position. Kate speaks about the challenges as well as the best moments of her teaching career so far, she also gives a few tips to the aspiring teachers out there. If you’re thinking about a future career in teaching – this is one not to be missed! Sign up here.

Workplace Insight: Armed Forces Charity Worker

Dan works for SSAFA, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association charity. He tells us about how volunteering with various organisations helped to find the career that is right for him in the charity sector, and why his role is much more than just a job – as he also informs the volunteers who provide daily support for the Armed Forces Veterans. Sign up here.

Workplace Insight: Scientific Publishing

Mario, who studied physics at university in Greece and since then he has moved to South Korea and Germany in order to pursue his passions of astronomy and astrophysics. Today, he works for Nature Astronomy where he curates content relating to galaxies, black holes and the universe at large. Find out about Mario’s job and his journey that got him to where he is today! Sign up here.

Workplace Insight: Computer Programming

Mark is a senior programmer at Realbuzz who found his passion for computers in school. From his out of the blue start in the industry, to his work today supporting people who are looking to raise money for charity through sporting events, this episode shows that computer programming is vital to so many industries today. Sign up here.

Workplace Insight: Retail
Michael, a customer experience specialist who now works for a pet food company. Michael tells us about his background in hospitality and his unique university experience where he studied at Edge Hotel, part of the University of Essex, which prepared him for his current role. We also hear how important it is to find a job which you are genuinely interested in, which Michael has done by matching his love for dogs with his day-to-day work. Sign up here. 


Thursday 28 October

Workplace Insight: Journalist
Fran Abrams, an investigative journalist who has written a number of non-fiction books as well as articles for well-known media publications such as The Guardian and The Independent. Fran also has spent time at Radio 4 where she created the award winning File on 4 radio show. This episode is not to be missed! Sign up here.

Workplace Insight: Junior TV Producer
Susan, a junior TV producer who currently works at ITV Sport. We will get to know how Susan has linked her passion for football with her career as she makes her way in the world of sport broadcasting. Susan also tells us about her first role in the industry, as a graphic operator, and how she has worked her way up to become a junior producer. Sign up here.

Workplace Insight: Graphic Designer
Erica, a graphic designer, talks us through how she got her start in the design world and how she’s been able to work her way up from an assistant position to having her own design business and employing others. This is a great episode if you’re interested in a creative career, or if you’d like to know more about running your own a business. Sign up here.


Friday 29 October

Workplace Insight: Environment Agency
Sam has had a really interesting and varied career, including time spent working in an NHS pathology lab, secondary school teaching and with the Environment Agency. This is a great episode that clearly shows careers don’t have to go in only one direction! Sign up here.


Workplace Insight: Entrepreneur
In this episode we talk to Kate, someone who has started multiple businesses and hard great success doing so. We talk about the challenges she faced in school to finding her passion for caring for and helping others. The perfect episode for those hoping to run their own business one day. Sign up here.


Workplace Insight: Finance Investment 2020 Panel
Jordan talks to three professionals who work in finance and investment. We hear the experiences of Emmanuel, Flo and Finley, all three being from Essex, who have taken different career paths to get involved in the finance and investment industry. Emmanuel went to university first, Flo is currently taking an apprenticeship, and Finley joined straight after school as a trainee. Join us as we listen to their varied opinions, stories and tips. Sign up here. 


Workplace Insight: NHS Clinical Practitioner
Erin, a clinical practitioner. Starting out as a paramedic Erin gives us brilliant insight into a range of jobs in the medical and health field including nursing, physiotherapy and dieticians. Erin also discusses the details of her degree in Paramedic Science, which gave her a strong practical and theoretical base to be successful in her work. Be sure to watch this episode about a rewarding and in-demand job that will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about a career in the medical and health field. Sign up here.


Workplace Insight: Media and Communications
Jo talks us through her varied career in broadcasting, publishing, communications, and marketing. Sign up here.