Mind Your Head wellbeing workshops for Make Happen schools

For schools we’re already working with, we’re delighted to offer a bespoke six-session mentoring course, delivered by mental health and behaviour change practitioner Stacey Miller.

Called Mind Your Head, the course has been developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and changes in schooling and exams. It will explore coping strategies, to support students’ self-confidence and motivation.

Incorporating flexible student-led elements, the sessions will equip students with the understanding and tools to positively approach change and anxiety. Students will be encouraged to attend all six sessions, however each session is designed to also have standalone benefits. Topics may include gratitude, grief cycle, problem solving, dispelling myths around anxiety, how to ignite a passion, how to look out for your friends’ mental health.

Each course is suitable for up to eight to 10 students and can be tailored for a set secondary school age group. A taster session can also be made available to students, inviting self-sign up to the full six-week mentoring programme.

The Mind Your Head taster session includes

Overview of the 6 week mentoring programme covering positive thinking, mindfulness, managing anxiety, coping strategies and the overall goal for the young people to create a mini project thereafter in light of what they have learnt.  Ideas include to create a lesson plan for their curriculum on mental health, create a health and wellbeing webpage on their school website or deliver a short CPD training session on mental health to their teachers.

The Mind Your Head six-week mentoring programme includes

Session 1: Introduction to the scheme, including an introduction to Higher Education by Make Happen
Session 2: Positive thinking
Session 3: Managing anxiety
Session 4: Coping strategies
Session 5: Mindfulness
Session 6: Mini project planning

Bespoke CPD is also available for teachers at additional cost.

How to apply 

  • Any Make Happen school can sign up, by contacting your Make Happen officer or by email to info@makehappen.org 
  • There is no deadline for signing up, however the six sessions must take place before 31 July 2021
  • Sessions are online, and timing is flexible (as arranged with school and facilitator)
  • The taster session is optional, to give students an insight to the six-week programme.
  • All sessions will be delivered online, whilst students are in school. If scheduled during the school day, where possible a short break follow the session, eg break or lunch time.
  • Six-week mentoring should start after Easter holidays and finish before end of summer term. A six-week period without half term/breaks is ideal.
  • Group size: the programme can run with 5 – 10 students.
  • Students will be asked to complete a pre and post online survey.

This offer is available to Make Happen schools only, via the school’s allocated budget.

Feedback from youth workers in Hampshire following one of Stacey’s sessions 

“Lovely training session, felt really positive. Some great tips to use professionally & personal.”

“Thank you Stacey for delivering fun and informative training. As always I’ve learnt loads & plenty of positive ideas to take away to apply professionally & to my personal life too. Thanks again.”

See Stacey on YouTube.