Morning online study sessions for classrooms from Monday 6 to Friday 10 December for Years 9 to 11



From the secrets of staying focused to helping your students get the honest lowdown around entering higher education, these FREE sessions listed below are available to all schools in Essex, for students in Years 9 to 11.

Teachers: You can sign-up your classes to as many sessions as you like. All sessions are accessible online via Zoom, ready to be streamed into classrooms across the county – meaning that there’s no need to arrange a school hall or mix students who wouldn’t normally mix. Sign-up details below.

Monday 6 December

9-10am: Secrets to Staying Focused with Mr Beezy

Mr Beezy has been motivating students across the UK for the last 10 years to become successful, resilient and to believe in themselves. He believes everyone should be empowered to bring out the greatness that lives within them.

This workshop provides students with methods on how to stay focused whilst working at home, including the importance of taking responsibility for their own independent learning. It will engage students in different tasks and exercises, which will be interactive and test their levels of focus. Mr Beezy will also help students to implement a plan to help them focused whilst studying at home.


Tuesday 7 December

9-10am: The Human Guinea Pig Show with Medical Mavericks

This session showcases the wide range of medical careers available within the NHS – from doctors, nurses and paramedics, to the lesser-known careers of healthcare scientists and medical engineers. Students are shown that these careers are accesible with grades 9-4 at GCSE in Maths, English and Science, helping motivate students to study harder and get into those grade boundaries. Medical Mavericks also explains the HE routes into these careers.

The show includes amazing live demos where Tom shows the audience incredible video footage of the inside of his body!


Wednesday 8 December

9-10am: Stand Up 4 HE with Push

A comedy gig with fun panel show style games, Stand Up 4 HE is a comedy set with an educational twist.

The first half of the session is comprised of short comedy sets performed by real comedians, who share their open, honest experience of Higher Education with the audience – thus allowing students to see the benefits of university. The second half of the session involves fun, interactive games for the students to take part in which link back to Higher Education or people who have done Higher Education. There’s also the opportunity for students to ask questions or express their fears or worries about HE (anonymously if desired).


Thursday 9 December

9-10am: Mixing Your Life Cocktail: An Intro to Choices and 21st Century Employability with Push

In this live webinar, Push focus on student wellbeing (physical and mental), current worries that students may experience, and motivations for both school and life after school. They use exercises and interactive elements to help students understand employability, how to develop it, and to get students excited about building theirs. Students will also get an understanding of how soft skills are important for 21st century employability and which aspects of life they develop these from.

…so students can make a life, not just a living!


Friday 10 December

9-10am: Exam Busters with Positively You

Exam Busters is a high-impact, informative revision and recall workshop which shows students how to answer exam questions, improve their memory and manage their time and stress levels.

Students will be able to create their own physical journey to recall information. They’ll be able to apply the 4 step RICE exam system to their exam questions. Finally, students will learn ‘what makes things memorable’ so that they can make their revision more effective.


10-11am: Making Informed Decisions with Positively You

Decisions are a part of life; we each make thousands of decisions per day. In particular, students are faced with a number of impotant decisions about their futures, yet have no idea of how to make them. This workshop shows them how!

Students will learn essential soft skills which they can apply forever, how to think critically about any decisions they have to make, and students will be able to refer to their decision-making template in the future.


How to sign up

Teachers and in-school coordinators: If you’re currently working with us, please email your link Make Happen officer to book a session.

If you’re unsure whether you have a link officer or don’t currently work with Make Happen, please complete this form to sign up.