Join our session: opening positive dialogue with your children

We’re pleased to announce a follow-up online session on ‘opening positive dialogue with your children’ for parents, guardians and carers, provided by PUSH. 

You don’t need to have attended the previous session – this one is open to all!

In this 75-minute interactive PUSH online webinar via Zoom, we’ll explore how as a parent, guardian or carer you can work smart instead of work hard – and in a collaborative way, to help your children in a way that’s fun and gives emotional rewards for the family.

The session involves interactive polls, challenge games, presentations, videos and Q&As.

PUSH’s Moj Taylor, who is also a professional actor, comedian, and diver, and Aron Tennant, a professional screenwriter, will host and present the online session. Both are the first in their families to go into higher education, and are seasoned PUSH performers trained on research-based learning, with thousands of these kinds of sessions already delivered. They are passionate about engaging students through the importance of language, storytelling and emotion.

The session will feature examples of memory techniques and recall exercises, and it’s also suitable for parents, carers or guardians who attended the first PUSH online session on 17 or 18 June 2020.

Sign up to attend via these Eventbrite links:

Sign up for the session on Thursday 2 July at 6pm  
Sign up for the session on Friday 3 July at 10.30am