Virtual Summer School: Physics for years 7-9

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Join our Physics Summer School for years 7-9

The Make Happen Virtual Physics Summer School for years 7-9 is split across four days. Every day has at least a few practical experiments that you  can do at home, and one worksheet for you to complete. Here’s what each day looks like:

Day 1 – What is Physics?
This day is filled with interesting online quizzes, cool Physics videos and a “Find the Connections” game, where students explore how Physics relates to their everyday life, the Universe and everything.

Day 2 – What is Physics like at University?
This day goes from Physics topics at school to Physics topics at University. Students explore degrees and courses on offer, from the essential Mathematics one needs to do Physics to out-of-this-world courses, such as Quantum Mechanics and Dark Matter. Useful practical information is supplied about Universities offering Physics in a 100-mile radius from Essex and selected virtual tours and Open Days are collected together for the students to enjoy.

Day 3 – Why do Physics?
Have you thought of how many career paths Physics can lead to? From Financial model builders to game designers and from energy engineers to virtual effects technicians, there is a breadth and wealth of potential careers and Day 3 of this summer school is here to help unravel them! The day also includes a recruiting game, where students match skills to job descriptions and get their candidates hired!

Day 4 – How to do Physics
This day starts from two Physics subjects that students learn about at school (waves and light) and then combines them to take the students into a research project based on spectroscopy. How do we know what stars are made of? How can we analyse the atmospheres of planets too far away to reach? And how is this related to putting together a spectroscope and indulging in a research project at home?

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