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Performance in Education: Unlocked

Tuesday 2 February, 2-3pm
Join via Zoom using passcode: 634263

Make Happen has teamed up with Performance in Education to support you with online work, and to deliver key messages on resilience, keeping aspirations high, and creating an effective workspace at home. Join us!

We’ll cover: 

  1. Challenging unhelpful thoughts – recognise if you are thinking about things in an unhelpful or unrealistic way and have the tools to start to challenge these thoughts.
  2. Dealing with worry – understand that constant worry is not helpful and know how to categorise your worries and work through a system to help deal with them.
  3. Social media – understand how you can improve your social media feed to help improve your mental health. Gain a greater awareness of an appropriate amount of time to spend on social media and get help to self-manage your time.
  4. SMART targets – understand the importance SMART action planning, and use SMART planning to create effective strategies to improve your time at school. Have a clear SMART plan on what you are going to do next with success criteria and a deadline.
  5. Creating a workspace at home – understand how you can create an effective workspace at home to help with study when at home either due to homework or isolation measures.
  6. Self-care – understand what activities and lifestyle choices are important for self-care. Self-assess your own self-care activities and identify ways to improve them.

Suitable for Years 9 to 11. Join us!

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