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Push present ‘Failure for Fuel’ parents’ session

Thursday 4 February 2021
This session is for parents, carers and guardians
Online event via Zoom join via this link using passcode: 391518

A interactive PUSH online webinar via Zoom for parents, carers and guardians  to explore how to open up a dialogue with their teens during remote learning and homeschooling, to help promote healthy, effective learning and develop ‘soft’ skills. Throughout the session we’ll use interactive polls, challenge games, presentations and Q&As.

The session is presented by PUSH’s Moj Taylor, a professional actor, and Aron Tennant, a professional screenwriter, who together run the online session remotely from their respective homes. Both are seasoned PUSH performers with thousands of sessions delivered, and they’re passionate about engaging students through the importance of language and storytelling.

Join us!

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