60-second interview with Wendy Krusche

Wendy Krusche Head of Careers and Pastoral Support, Chase High School, Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex

Wendy KruscheWhat kind of work have you been doing this week?
Year 11, 12 and 13 interviews. Also working with LAC students in the main school.

What notable events have happened this week?
Annual Careers Fair, involving 36 exhibitors and all students attending from years 7 to 13. This is a big event and important for students and staff. Make Happen contribute enormously with this event.

How do you work with the Make Happen team?
We have regular meetings, and we contact each other by phone and email. I find the support I receive from Make Happen professional and just brilliant.

What kind of feedback from staff, students, and parents do you get?
Positive; parents’ evening events were well-received and again Make Happen were involved in the evening. This supports not only the students but also the parents.

Name three things you love about your job…
Working with the students, enabling them to believe in themselves and help them to achieve their goals. Making a difference. Working towards a positive outcome and seeing the results. This can be holistically as well as academically.

…and one you don’t!
Not enough time!!!

What would you say to a teacher (or school) who has yet work with Make Happen?
I would say that they are missing out on some wonderful opportunities and support. Also opportunities to work with universities, university students and many groups within their local area. Make Happen can pay for motivational speakers, including Shakespearian actors who come to the school! they can assist with parents’ evenings and career fairs, and discuss with students and parents the positives of attending university.

The Make Happen spreadsheet assists with the Gatsby Benchmarks, and students can attend trips, attend open days at universities – all funded by Make Happen. Many of our students have had funding for travel and mentoring schemes – so I cannot speak highly enough of Make Happen. If you’re not involved with this outreach group you are certainly missing great opportunities for staff and students.