As a teacher, your role is vital in helping teenagers think about university as an option.

As a community, by sharing information and guidance, we can help each other help our students make the right choices. In this section sign-in to access community resources and documents, and meet some top teachers in our 60-second interviews. Join in, help make aspirations happen!


for Make Happen resources for your students

Listen to the Uni Guide Podcast for Parents and Teachers from UniTasterDays

This podcast series will support teachers, careers colleagues and parents/carers in promoting access to university.

60-second interviews

We know how busy you are, so that’s why we’ve kept our interviews with you short. Find out more about our Make Happen community of teaching professionals, read our 60-second interviews. If you’d like us to feature your 60-second interview on this page, get in touch!

Events Near You

Alongside school or college events to help you decide your next step, we also organise events across Essex that are really useful for finding out more about university life or what’s involved in a degree apprenticeship. Find out more, sign up!