As a teacher, your role is vital in helping teenagers think about university as an option.

As a community, by sharing information and guidance, we can help each other help our students make the right choices.

In this section you can meet some top teachers in our 60-second interviews, and sign-in to access community resources and documents. Join in, help make aspirations happen!


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Working with universities

Most universities and other higher education institutions will provide free activities and resources, to both inspire your students and support then informed decisions about their future. Contact their schools and colleges outreach teams for full information on events and opportunities.

University of Essex, free activities, resources and support for schools and colleges.

Anglia Ruskin University, outreach activities for schools and colleges 

University of East London, information for schools and colleges 

Writtle University College Schools and College Outreach 

Future Ready – information for teachers

Also, be sure to take a look at our Future Ready section for teenagers at college. As a teacher, the programme provides you with a full range of support, including:

  • A dedicated collaborative outreach officer
  • Access to a full programme of events
  • Parents’ events
  • IAG and CPD events
  • Access to providers such as the Brilliant Club, MADE, Fix Up
  • Kudos and The Access Platform
  • Funding for a Make Happen coordinator
  • Student bursary for higher education events and open days
  • Evaluation and tracking reports

Contact us to find out more.

60-second interviews

We know how busy you are, so that’s why we’ve kept our interviews with you short. Find out more about our Make Happen community of teaching professionals, read our 60-second interviews. If you’d like us to feature your 60-second interview on this page, get in touch!

Basic guides

Take time to read our basic guides, which contain clear facts and figures about preparing for university life or taking a degree apprenticeship.